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The E.XPERT is our digital consultant for your charging infrastructure project. Receive an overview of the incurred costs for charging infrastructure and find out about the necessary steps to implement your electrification project into plannable reality.

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E.XPERT – your digital consultant

Learn more about the E.XPERT and the possibilities the digital consultant has to offer.

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Free digital consultation for your electrification project

Results within a few clicks

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About Mobilize Power Solutions

With the brand MOBILIZE POWER SOLUTIONS from the joint venture of Renault and GP JOULE CONNECT, we offer full-service solutions on the topics of charging infrastructure and fleet electrification. We combine the flexibility of a medium-sized company and short decision-making processes with the power of a global corporation.

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About Mobilize Power Solutions

Products and services

MOBILIZE POWER SOLUTIONS supports companies in the electrification of their fleets with the help of ready-to-use charging solutions. From consulting to planning, installation and operation of charging stations, MOBILIZE POWER SOLUTIONS covers all phases of charging infrastructure projects.

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